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Small Business Telephone Systems Bristol

The second most populated city in the South England, Bristol is home to around 19,000 businesses, 96% of which are small businesses employing under 50 people.

Bristol has a long history of trade (originally exporting wool cloth, wine, grain and dairy products) and the docks still remain important to the city today. Bristol Port is the largest importer of cars to the UK and the Harbourside area has been developed into a popular tourist attractions featuring museums, galleries, restaurants and bars. Bristol has a modern economy with industries including creative media, electronics and aerospace, defence, information technology, financial services and tourism featuring most strongly.

Based in Wiltshire nearby, Berry Telecom is well located to provide telephone systems for small businesses based in and around Bristol. Berry Telecom can find a flexible solution for any kind of business, from those in the the finance sector who may require voice recording to the tourism industry, who could benefit from OfficeServ Hospitality Software to improve communication with guests. No matter what type of business you are in, we can find a telecoms solution to suit you.

For a business telephone system that can be scaled to your needs with no compromise on features, contact Berry Telecom today on 0330 222 0332. Our cost effective call and line packages are perfect for small businesses.

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