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Benefits of a VoIP Phone System from Berry Telecom

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is simply a way to deliver voice and data communications over the Internet. Many businesses are looking for an internet based phone system, which Berry Telecom can provide.

VoIP Vs Copper Wire

Many companies are now upgrading from traditional copper-wire business telephone systems to VoIP systems as they can offer lower prices and more features. So when it comes to up-dating your business telephone system it is important to consider whether a VoIP internet based phone system might suit your company better.

In addition to the lower call costs, VoIP phone systems also have the following benefits:


Because a VoIP handset can be used via any ethernet datapoint and configured as just another extension to your office system, you can easily use it from home or another location - ideal for those who have staff regularly working in multiple locations.


For further portability, you can use our mobile app to integrate your smartphone as if it was another office extension. Perfect if you often travel for work or spend time time overseas. Wherever you are, you can use your smartphone to make internal office calls for free or dial out to another UK telephone number at local call rates.

Less maintenance

VoIP business telephone systems typically have less maintenance involved - saving you time and money. For example, if you needed to move a handset to a new office location - it’s simple to do with no engineer necessary!

Berry Telecom supply and install cost effective VoIP telephone systems for all kinds of businesses across the whole of The British Isles. To get a quotation for a VoIP phone system, or ask any questions contact us here to speak to the Berry Telecom team.

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