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Business Telephone Systems - Call Recording Southampton

Over 7400 businesses operate in the region of Southampton, employing more than 12,000 people, amongst them many well known names such as P&O, Ordnance Survey and B&Q. Southampton’s world class port is Europe’s most productive and boasts the second largest container terminal in the UK. With such a diverse and thriving economy it is no surprise Southampton is considered the commercial capital of the South coast.

Berry Telecom’s head office in the South of England is conveniently located to provided business telephone systems to those in Southampton. With systems and applications suitable for a wide range of businesses, large or small, Berry Telecom can find the perfect solution to any problems you may have.

Call Recording for Businesses

One of the many appealing features of our business telephone systems is call recording, allowing you to record, store, find, playback and archive calls. This function is useful for a wide range of businesses including those dealing with legal issues such as solicitors, or that take complex orders such as travel agents. For any business, call recording provides a great way to monitor call quality and staff performance, resolve disputes, protect staff from abuse and to use for staff training purposes.

Call recording to meet FSA regulations

Many FSA regulated businesses require call recording to meet required regulations. These include financial institutions and most insurance businesses as well as some travel agents and retailers who provide certain types of insurance or finance.

Those involved in providing financial advice will also need to ensure that calls with potential customers which may lead to trade, and existing customers where there is an intention to conclude a transaction, are recorded in order to meet the MiFID II Level 1 regulation that comes into force on 3rd January 2017. Find out more about how we can help businesses in the financial sector.

Berry Telecom provide telephone systems for businesses in Southampton and throughout South England. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help with your Business Telephone Systems on 0330 222 0332.

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