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Office Phone Systems with VoIP from Berry Telecom

Many businesses are now looking to VoIP for their office phone systems. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), simply means that call data is delivered over the Internet rather than by traditional landlines. VoIP has become a sophisticated and trusted way to run business phone systems. Berry Telecom, based in Salisbury Wiltshire and Manchester in the North of England supply and install VoIP phone systems for companies across the UK, including companies in Wales, the South Coast and London. 

If you are thinking of upgrading your office phones, do get in touch with Berry Telecom on 0330 222 0332, we are very happy to give you good advice and can have you up and running within a matter of days with an Internet-based phone system.

Benefits of VoIP Telephones for Businesses
The advantages of VoIP for any size of business include lower prices, more features and less hardware to maintain

A VoIP handset can be used from any location, simply plug it in and use it just as if you were in the office. It's great if you or any of your team work from different locations. Using Berry Telecom's mobile app you can also do the same for a smartphone, integrating it into the VoIP system as if it were an office extension.

For more information about the advantages and the features of using VoIP telephone systems, please call Berry Telecom on 0330 222 0332, we will be happy to help you.

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