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Best Provider Business Telephone Systems?

If you are looking for one of the best providers of business telephone systems, you've come to the right place. Berry Telecom are Comms Dealer award winners and finalists every year. We deliver feature rich phone systems to business customers right across the UK.

Berry Telecom - Meeting the needs of Businesses across the UK 

In a recent interview for Comms Dealer Magazine, Managing Director of Berry Telecom, Simon Langford stated: "It's important  to fully understand different industries and their unique needs, so we can tailor our products appropriately.... Adding value to customers is a priority, we don't treat customers like a number, each and every one is important to us and many become personal friends. We believe in working together and helping each other in any way possible. We aim to get customers excited about business telecoms and the benefits on offer by ugrading.

Benefits of upgrading your Business Telephone System with Berry Telecom

  • A Feature Rich Business Telephone System 
  • Little or no extra cost to your business per month!
  • Integrate your Mobile Phone - Make internal office calls for free even when overseas 
  • Flexibility allows fully for Staff Hot Desking and Home Working
  • Video calls and conferencing
  • Whiteboard facilities via your PC/Mac using the OfficeServ phone communicator
  • Professional Announcements, Music & Messaging on Hold
Berry Telecom are on the UK's best Business Telephone System providers. Find out more about our offering here. Call us on 0330 222 0332 to find out how upgrading your office phones can benefit your company, or drop us a line and we will call you. 

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