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Berry is ready for the Gamma Ball Rally 2015

Berry Directors Simon Langford and Paul Hallam will be channeling their inner Dell Boy & Rodney for this year's Gamma Ball Charity Rally. Setting off today, Simon and Paul are taking their transformed Jaguar S-Type aka Trigger's Ford Capri on the road to Bruges and then Amsterdam raising money for two very worthy charities; Action Through Enterprise and SpecialEffect. Gamma is one of Berry’s supply partners and is one of the largest network carriers of fixed-line voice minutes in the UK providing voice and data service to businesses. 

The Gamma Ball Rally challenges over 30 companies to drive 500 miles in cars that cost less than £500 over three days to raise money for nominated charities. 

Gamma Ball Charities

Action Through Enterprise

ATE is working in Lawra, Ghana to give practical and financial support to vulnerable people helping them to further themselves and to build a brighter future for their families. Visit their website to learn more and donate


By using technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control, SpecialEffect is finding a way for people to play to the very best of their abilities. Bringing families and friends together, SpecialEffect is having a profoundly positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation. Visit their website to learn more and donate

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