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Berry’s 3 new technical recruits become Samsung accredited

Adam Lewis, Ian Stathers & Matthew Rew joined Berry Telecom several months ago after a long search for the right kind of people to expand the Berry Technical Team. Berry’s growing customer base can now be assured their technical needs are in safe hands with these three top guys. All three new recruits passed the very comprehensive Samsung Engineers trainee course at the end of last week with flying colours. The guys are now among the best in the business having received the very latest training on the Samsung phone systems, the industry’s leading telephony system.

Ian will now be mostly on the road with the other remote engineers and Adam and Matthew will support Technical Manager Andrew Legg in the office taking support calls from customers.

Well done guys from everyone at Berry Telecom, it’s really great to have you on board!

Caption: Left Matthew Rew & right Adam Lewis

Caption: Ian Stathers

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