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Computer Integration with your Office Phones

Berry Telecom provide office phone systems using Samsung Xchange, this enables integration with your computer to expand your office phone capability. 

Using the Samsung Xchange you will know who is calling before answering the phone. Samsung Xchange searches your personal contact and company contact lists, providing you with the information you require to answer the call knowledgeably.  Samsung Xchange also searches  Google ™ , which for the majority of calls will provide you with the company name and business type along with a link to their website.

With Samsung Xchange 
it has never been easier to keep in touch, contacts outside your business can be viewed using links into several common social networking sites such as Facebook™ and LinkedIn™, allowing you to put a name and even face to a voice as you answer your calls. Find out more here.

Berry Telecom provide up to the minute phone systems for businesses across the UK from Bristol to Manchester, Exeter to London.  Why not get in touch with one of our supportive team 0330 222 0332 to find out how we can help your business today?


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the features and usability are brilliant