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Office Phone Systems for Accountants

Berry Telecom deliver up-to-the minute phone systems to businesses across the financial sector, from mortgage brokers and insurance companies through to financial consultants and accountants; indeed this is one of Berry Telecom's largest customer groups. Recent research undertaken by Accountex showed that some of the biggest challenges facing accountancy firms today included:
  • Using new technology to improve productivity
  • Standing out from the crowd to potential customers
  • Improving marketing of the company
Berry Telecom's Samsung office phone systems can help address many of these challenges, whilst also benefiting the business in a wider sense. 

Samsung Phone System Technology to improve Productivity

Using our Samsung Xchange system, staff can immediately see who is calling via 'screen popping'. This means they can greet the customer knowledgeably whilst quickly being able to also access the customer's account details and history seamlessly. This improves the customer experience, making them feel valued and important to your business - a great way to stand out from other companies. Using this system also enables staff to confirm and prove the callers name, identity & location; so important when discussing personal account details over the phone.

Berry Telecom's phone systems can provide Call Recording, this is useful to help with transparency, safety, security and accountability. Our voice recording solutions have regulatory compliance (Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and The Prudential Regulation), and high level encryption, meaning that if necessary a call recording can be used in court as evidence. The Samsung range of products offers the ability to archive and retrieve recorded calls and all associated call information, and complies with the FSA regulations. Additionally, this application also allows for the secure taking of credit card & account details, with the touch of a button the recording can be stopped and then restarted again once the details have been given, giving your customers the peace of mind they need when providing sensitive details via the phone. 

Our Call Management Software ensures accurate billing. If accountants are charging for their time on the phone with a client, they can assign the time of the call to billing software. 

Berry Telecom Professional Marketing Solutions

Our Samsung office phone systems also include professional business features such as Music or Messaging on Hold (MOH). This allows you to produce a professionally spoken message to market your company ethos, product or services, which is available to clients while on hold. If you prefer music chosen to reflect your business approach can be played.  

If you are interested in finding out how Berry Telecom can help your company handle it's customer communications more effectively, why not get in touch today? Call us on 0330 222 0332, or email and we can contact you. You can also find out more about how Berry provides solutions to the Financial Sector here.

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