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Business Phones for Manufacturing Companies

The UK currently holds a respectable 11th place, in the world's largest manufacturing nations, and ranks 2nd globally in Aerospace manufacturing. 2 out of the 10 top selling cars are manufactured in the UK, with Automotive sales in the British Isles having risen significantly in recent years. The UK's manufacturing base also includes Electronics, Defence, Construction, Chemical Industries, Food & Drink. Successful manufacturing companies large and small look for the very best office phone systems to support their businesses.

Berry Telecom design, supply and install business phone systems for manufacturing companies

Across the UK, manufacturing companies choose Berry Telecom to design, supply and install their business phone systems. Our scaleable office phones are ideal for large multi-site businesses or small manufacturing companies just setting out. Here are just a few of the helpful features our Samsung Office Phone System provide which are useful for manufacturing companies:

  • Our Gigaset cordless phones are ideal for people who need to communicate on the move. Taking a call whilst moving about the office or workplace, allows for greater flexibility and multi-tasking. 
  • The Samsung Xchange allows you to easily see who is available to take a call, wherever they are in the building. This is especially useful in large or busy manufacturing environments.
  • When it comes to taking orders, or liaising with suppliers, Berry Telecom's business phone systems provide industry-leading features such as allowing you to record calls. This is handy when talking to clients over the phone, voice recordings can be stored and easily found again for playback - even Berry Telecom's cost-effective entry-level business phone systems can offer this feature. Find out more about Call recording here
  • When receiving calls the Samsung Xchange shows the callers number via pop up (screen popping) as they call in. This assists with order retrieval, enabling staff to deal with calls more efficiently. 
  • Offices large and small can benefit from our Music and Marketing on hold (MOH) feature. This helps to promote the business ethos, products and services to customers customers whilst they wait for their call to be taken.

You can find out more about Berry Telecom's Business Phone Systems here.

Why not get in touch with Berry Telecom today? Use our contact form or call 0330 222 0332. One of our knowledgeable team can listen to your particular business phone system requirements and walk you through the options and possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you.

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