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Small Business Phone Systems - Manchester and Leeds

Berry Telecom are one of the UK's leading office phone system providers, our dedicated office in Manchester serves the North of England including surrounding areas such as Leeds and Sheffield.  Berry Telecom offer cost savings on calls and lines, as well as a feature rich Samsung Phone System. 

Here are just some of the features included to help your business deal with customer calls more effectively:
  • Lower prices for your phone calls
  • Mobile app for your smartphone to make internal office calls for free - even when overseas on your phone
  • Professional Music and/or Messaging on hold
  • See who is calling before pick up
  • Call recording if needed
  •  VoIP -  cost saving voice over internet calls
  • Monitor the time it takes staff to answer and the amount of time they give to each customer / client
  • Keep a check on calls waiting and queue time (useful for call centres and busy sales and after care teams)
  • Identify unanswered calls
  • Design staff shift patterns around call volumes to optimise staffing levels and efficiency
  • Set up video calls and conferencing
  •  Use whiteboard facilities via your PC/Mac using the OfficeServ phone communicator
  • Scaleable phone systems which can be used across multiple sites
Why not get in touch with Berry Telecom today to find out how your business could save money whilst updating it's business phone system today? Call 01613 593668, one of our team is waiting to help.

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the features and usability are brilliant