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Berry Director comments in Comms Dealer Leadership Kaleidoscope

Berry Director Simon Langford was among a select group of esteemed industry leaders to be invited to comment in the recent Comms Dealer leadership article. 

The Leadership Kaleidoscope explores the opinions of industry leaders and what they believe demonstrates good leadership and inspires motivation in the workplace. Read Simon's responses below:

Does leadership matter in business?

Strong leadership matters at Berry because it’s what inspires, motivates and engages our workforce on a daily basis. Without it there would be no drive and focus to get things done.

How do you show leadership?

We all work really closely together, remaining focused on the end goal. Our team has to provide clear direction to the rest of the organisation along with a commitment to see things through.

What motivates your workforce?

Rewards and incentives do play a role, but it’s not all about money. Taking the time to talk and listen to our staff is crucial. If people feel like they’re being listened to, they tend to care a lot more.

What keeps your staff happy?

We have a really youthful workforce, so a lot of effort goes into keeping them entertained and engaged. Regular team building activities are put in place and themed days are a monthly occurrence. 

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