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Cost Effective Upgrades to Small Business Office Phone Systems

If you run a small to medium sized business, don't be put off by the costs of upgrading your business phone system, speak to Berry Telecom today and find out how you too could upgrade your office phones at little or no extra monthly cost to your business!  Call 0330 222 0332 to chat to one of our friendly team... 

Find out just how much your business could benefit from the new technology available for office phones  features include:

- Lower prices for your phone calls
- Scaleable phone systems which can be used across multiple sites
- A VoIP telephone handset can be used as another extension to your office system - Use it from home or another location.
- Use our mobile app on your smartphone to make internal office calls for free even when overseas on your phone or dial out to another UK telephone number at local call rates!
- Transfer calls to your mobile if you are out of the office
- Check missed calls, emails and call history with the on screen log
- Call recording
- Music and Messaging on Hold
-  Set up video calls and conferencing
-  Use whiteboard facilities via your PC/Mac using the OfficeServ phone communicator

All this and more for your small to medium sized business today! Call Berry Telecom 0330 222 0332, we work with businesses just like yours across London, the South Coast, Midlands, the South West, the North of England and also Wales.

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very positive experience with the new phone system