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Manage Customer Calls with an Office Phone System Upgrade from Berry Telecom

Would you like your business to manage customer calls more efficiently?

Berry Telecom are experts in the design, supply and installation of office phone systems which enable you to monitor, analyse and manage customer calls. Increase your staff productivity and grow your sales with a new business phone system today - we aim to get you up and running at little or no extra cost to your business! 

Berry Telecom offer  comprehensive call reporting with an easy to use dashboard.

Call Reporting  Systems can be customised to include wallboard alarms, multi-site reporting and seamless PBX integration.

With the Berry Telecom system your business can:

Identify unanswered calls
Verify costs of calls
Check billing anomalies
Combat phone fraud
Control office communications 
Optimise staffing levels and efficiency by enableing the design of staff shift patterns based on call volume
Generate revenue through call cost mark-up and line rental charges
Deliver organisational, extension and client billing

Find out more about Call Reporting here. These business phone system features are available to any size of business. Why not get in touch today to discuss your requirements?  0330 222 0332 /

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the features and usability are brilliant