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Corporate Phone Systems with VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems for Businesses from Berry Telecom in Salisbury, UK. Many businesses are upgrading to phone systems using VoIP. 

VoIP delivers voice and data communications over the Internet - a broadband telephone service. The benefits of a VoIP corporate phone system are very attractive - lower call charges and phone costs and a feature rich telephone system, helping you and your staff to run your business more efficiently.

A VoIP handset can be used from your office, home or another location just as if you were in your main offices. The Berry Telecom mobile app allows you to do the same using a smart phone as if it were another office extension. This flexibility means if you are working outside of the UK, you can make internal office calls for free on your mobile or even dial a UK telephone number at local UK call rates. A huge cost saving advantage.

VoIP corporate phone systems also enable you to move telephone handsets to new locations without engineering help - this flexibility is vital for a dynamic business like yours. The Samsung VoIP business telephone system is very easy to use, low cost and packed full of features. For more information about the advantages and features in corporate telephone systems call Berry Telecom on 0330 222 0332 today - our knowledgeable team are waiting to take your call.

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