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Save on your Business Telephone Calls & Lines with Berry Telecom

Berry Telecom offer tailored 
corporate calls and lines packages to help you save on your business running costs. We are cheaper than both TalkTalk and BT. Additionally our hands on consultative approach with each individual customer ensures you will receive the right solution for your particular businesses objectives.

Berry Telecom can actually lower your overheads, whilst delivering a feature-rich up to date business telephone system!

Call Berry Telecom today on 
0330 222 0332 and receive:
•  Under a penny per minute call and line rental rates

 •  Precise, simple billing per second to save your business money - Low cost calls guaranteed!

 •  No minimum call charges -No hidden costs - Pay for what you get

 •  Personal customer service - Arrange everything the easy way - via a single Berry Telecom point of contact in the UK

Why not call Berry for a tailored quote on 0330 222 0332 today.  We offer a free of charge 14 day transfer , with no loss of service, mess or business disruption, plus you keep your existing telephone numbers, it coudn't be easier.  

Berry Telecom work with customers across the North of England, including Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. Also, the Midlands and the South including Exeter, Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Guildford, Ayelesbury and the city and outskirts of London. Check out some of our customer testimonials here.

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