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Business Phone Systems with CLIP

A really useful business telephone system feature is for staff to be able to see who is calling before picking up the phone.  Repeat customers can then be greeted more readily, and new customers prepared for. Office phone systems are now available with this feature which is called CLIP - Calling Line Identity Presentation.

Using a digital display handset from Berry Telecom, you will be able to see the telephone number or name of the party calling you as soon as your telephone starts to ring, if you are looking for this neat feature and many, many more why not get in touch with us on 0330 222 0332.  Berry Telecom design, supply and install the best in Samsung business telephone systems across the North & South of the UK. We pride ourselves on being highly cost effective for our customers.

If you would like one of our helpful team to call you just complete our 'call me back' form on the right of our home page.

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huge thank you to you - great job done