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Buy New Office Phones for Little or no Extra Cost in Manchester

With Berry Telecom's offices in Manchester, business customers in the North of England are able to easily upgrade their office phones at little or no extra cost. We offer flexible telephone systems to suit any size of business, large or small.  We offer clean, fast phone installation which does not interrupt your working day at very competitive rates.  

Updating your phone system with Berry Telecom offers your company an array of features such as:

- Transfer office calls to your mobile 
- Professional & Personalised Voice Messaging
- Music on Hold
- Logged emails and call history on screen
- Video conferencing 
- VoIP - Internet Based Calls
- Whiteboard facilities via your PC/Mac using our OfficeServ phone communicator system

Berry Telecom can offer your business all of these features at little or no extra cost to your business today. If you are considering having new telephones for your offices, it really is worth getting in touch with us on 0330 222 0332, one of our knowledgeable team is waiting to take your call.

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the features and usability are brilliant