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Hotdesking made easy with Berry Telecom's new Samsung phone system

Berry Telecom have just launched a new business telephone system - the SMT-i5343 IP phone from Samsung  - This is ideal for 
the dynamic shared office. The new system with near field communication (NFC) technology allows you to easily sync your mobile phone with the office phone system, make VoiP calls and sync your contacts from your mobile. 

With such easy intergration between mobile devices and the new Samsung office phone system, Hotdesking has never been easier!  Why not get in touch with Berry Telecom today to talk through this new business phone system and see how easily we can get your business up and running? 

Call on 0330 222 0332 to talk to one of our friendly knowledgeable team today  - 
Berry Telecom Limited provide reliable, low-cost business telephone systems to businesses just like yours!

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everything worked exactly as requested - first time, no issues